Grand Canyon Tours

Lake Powell & Horseshoe Bend Escape Overview

Prepare yourself for an awe-inspiring aerial tour above the magnificent Southwest desert landscape. Take-off from the airport aboard a state-of-the-art helicopter and see the majestic Glen Canyon Dam and picturesque Lake Powell below you. Gaze at the jaw-dropping palette of Paria Canyon and Vermillion Cliffs as you follow the winding Colorado River and reach the world-famous Horseshoe Bend before your smooth return flight back.

What to Expect

* Please note this tour originates from Page, Arizona. *

Pre-Flight Lounge Check-In & Safety Briefing

Please arrive at the Sundance terminal located inside the Page Municipal Airport at least 30 minutes before your flight time for check-in and safety briefing. Click here for Google Maps turn-by-turn direction to the airport or enter in the address “238 N 10th Ave, Page, AZ 86040” into your GPS.

In-Flight Pilot Commentary Above Breathtaking Landmarks

Board your modern, state-of-the-art helicopter with extra-wide cabin, wrap-around windows, and stadium seating that delivers breathtaking panoramic views. Get ready to learn more about the desert Southwest’s landmark jewels from your friendly, knowledgeable pilot.

Glen Canyon Dam

This 710 ft. (220 m) high and 1,560 ft. (480 m) wide concrete arch-gravity dam first opened in 1966 and forms Lake Powell. The Glen Canyon dam is a major source of renewable energy in the form of hydroelectricity. It has been featured in the television classic “Route 66” and the British television show, “Doctor Who”.

Lake Powell

Lake Powell is one of the largest man-made reservoirs named after the one-armed U.S. Civil War veteran, geologist, university professor, and explorer of the Colorado River and American West. It was built in 1963 and has a shore length of about 1,900 mi. (3,057 km.). Lake Powell’s waters stretches up Glen Canyon, up the Escalante River, and San Juan River where they merge into the Colorado River. This popular vacation spot is frequented by over 2 million visitors a year, and has been the shooting location for many major films and television series such as “Planet of the Apes”, “Gravity”, “John Carter”, “Doctor Who”, and more. See these beautiful waters from above in the comfort of your helicopter seat.

Paria Canyon & Vermillion Cliffs

Deposited silt, desert dunes, cemented carbonates, red iron oxide, and other minerals make up the Vermillion Cliffs, giving it the striking reddish color. Towering walls streaked with desert varnish mark the Paria Canyon, along with wooden terraces, sandstone arches, gigantic red rock amphitheaters, and hanging gardens. Truly spectacular sights in our one-of-a-kind aerial tour!

Colorado River

Nearly 1,500 miles long (2,330 km), the Colorado River spans over many Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico. It is widely known for its whitewater rapids, dramatic canyons, and eleven U.S. National Parks, as well as providing water source for over 40 million people. The area of the river you will be flying over shows winding curves downstream from the Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell

Horseshoe Bend

The horseshoe-shaped wonder continues to astound over 80,000 visitors each year and Sundance’s helicopter tour will give you a unique, rare perspective from above that will quickly become one of your most unforgettable experiences. There’s nothing like viewing this incredible, scenic natural vista from the sky and away from the usually crowded overlook!


Important Things to Note

  • Please be sure to bring your government-issued photo ID at tour check-in.
  • Mobile devices must be on “Airplane Mode” during your flight.