Helicopter & Boat Tours

From Scenic Riverboat Rides to White Water Rafting

Soar the majestic Grand Canyon from above and explore its beauty from the bottom of the canyon in a boat with one of our heli & boat tours below.

Self-Drive Quest
$0 per person
Approx. 35 minutes hotel to hotel

Self-Drive Quest

Drive out to Grand Canyon West and explore the Native American village, peer over the rim of the Grand Canyon or test your wits walking on the horseshoe shaped glass bridge of the Skywalk* suspend nearly 4,000 feet above the canyon floor. Once there, descend 4,000 feet to the canyon floor and cruise down the Colorado River in a majestic riverboat ride. Return to the rim via helicopter and take a tour of The Hualapai Ranch, Eagle Point and Guano Point.

* Additional charges apply
Champagne Quest
$626 per person
Approximately 3.5 hours hotel to hotel

Champagne Quest

Includes breakfast and champagne, and a breathtaking scenic riverboat ride along the canyon walls.

Grand Voyager Exclusive
$620 per person
Approximately 6.5 hours hotel to hotel

Grand Voyager Exclusive

Canyon excursion with scenic riverboat ride and picturesque lunch on the canyon rim

Grand River Rush
$999 per person
Approximately 12 hours hotel to hotel

Grand River Rush Adventure

Fly through gorgeous desert vistas, experience white water rapids and the canyon’s travertine falls

* Please note that the Grand River Rush Adventure is seasonal from March 15-October 31 and is recommended for ages 12 years and older.
* Cost does not include Souvenirs or Gratuity. Blackout dates may apply. Subject to availability. Sundance Helicopters reserves all rights.