Helicopter Transportation Services

Helicopter Transportation Services in Las Vegas

Sundance Helicopters utilizes the most widely flown tour helicopters in the industry.

Our helicopter aircrafts incorporate all the latest in cutting-edge technologies, materials, systems and avionics, and offer incomparable passenger comfort and fantastic sweeping views.

The Airbus EC130T2 boasts an extra-wide cabin with wrap around windows and stadium seating that delivers panoramic views for the pilot and 6 to 7 passenger seats. Every seat offers greater personal space, first-class individual seats, and expansive glass for exceptional visibility. This is the world's newest and most expensive model of touring helicopter, and the first specifically designed for air tours. It has a maximum gross weight of 5,512 lbs. and is just under 42 ft. in length. The uniquely designed high skid landing gear provides a softer landing and more than enough ground clearance for setting down in the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

The Airbus AS350B2 carries up to 6 passengers plus your pilot. The wide cabin and abundance of windows provide panoramic views to ensure optimum visibility for both passengers and crew. The AS350 is the most utilized tour helicopter in the world. It has a maximum gross weight of 4,961 lbs. and is 42.5 ft. long. The high skid landing gear provides plenty of clearance for landing comfortably and safely in the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

If you have business meetings, need transportation, or just want to see some of the smaller cites and towns in Nevada, Utah, Arizona or California which does not have a major airport nearby, we have the right type of transportation to fit your needs. There are over 5,000 airports and landing strips in the United States. Just because there isn’t a large airport where you need to go, doesn’t mean there is not an option to get there by air and save precious time.

Click here to download a full list of destinations around Las Vegas with the flight distances and times

What to keep in mind before you contact us for helicopter transportation services:

  • Please state dates and times of aerial transportation requests
  • Please state if you will need ground transportation in additional to aerial services

Why Use Sundance Helicopters for Helicopter Transportation Charter Services?