Sundance answers to your most important questions about our Grand Canyon and Las Vegas helicopter tours.

  • How many passengers travel on helicopter?

    Our helicopters can accommodate six (6) to seven (7) passengers per flight.

  • What happens if there are weather concerns?

    In the event inclement weather prevents Sundance Helicopters from operating the tour, our passengers have the ability to cancel and receive a full refund or reschedule their travel to the next available flight for no additional cost.

  • How can I fly in the front seat(s)?

    Seating assignments are based on weights and balance for the flight and are determined by the weight of all passengers traveling. If the weight and balance permits, you will be given the opportunity to purchase the front seats for an additional fee. While we can document your request to occupy the front seat(s), there is no guarantee.

  • Can you tell me more about the limousine pickup?

    Our shared limousine service is provided by ODS and will be marked with ODS lettering on the vehicle and Sundance Helicopters signage in the front and side windows. If you are unable to locate your limousine please contact us at 702.736.0606.

  • Why do you need to know my weight?

    Flights are planned based on the weights of our passengers. This information is necessary in order for us to balance the aircraft prior to your flight. Customers are responsible for providing accurate weights when booking a reservation for travel on Sundance Helicopters. Customers will be weighed at check-in and if their actual weight far exceeds their declared weight, they may be removed from their flight without refund. Please provide this information in pounds, kilos or stones.

  • Are you able to assist a single handicap/disable passenger in and out of the helicopter?

    Sundance Helicopters makes every effort to accommodate customers with disabilities.Sundance Helicopters is the only Grand Canyon Tour Operator who provides wheelchair access to the Grand Canyon. Manual wheelchairs are provided at our picnic areas and are also available for use at the Grand Canyon West terminal.

    All wheelchair bound Customers traveling on Sundance Helicopters are required to be accompanied by a responsible person capable of aiding the person in and out of the aircraft if necessary and in the case of an emergency. This policy exists in the event of an emergency that would require the pilot’s full attention which may limit his/her ability to assist the disabled Customer.

    Due to the rocky terrain at the Grand Canyon, steps are not provided and all passengers must board and deplane the aircraft using the helicopter skids.

  • What are your ID requirements?

    A government-issued photo ID is required for passengers 18 years and older.

  • Do you allow bags and backpacks on flights?

    In order to create an awe-inspiring experience for all of our passengers, bags are not permitted on our flights. We do provide lockers on site that can be used free of charge.

  • What is the age of a lap child?

    Under 2 years of age.

  • What time is hotel pickup?

    We schedule limousine pickups approximately 60 to 90 minutes prior to flight time in order to allow sufficient time for check-in and for our guests to review the required FAA safety briefing.

  • How long is the flight?

    Flight times vary according to tour. Please see tour detail page for more information about each tour.

  • How should I dress for a helicopter ride?

    In the summer, we recommend wearing shorts, a t-shirt, or a dress, with a light jacket or sweater. In the winter, we recommend wearing layered leggings, or jeans, comfortable shoes or boots, and a long-sleeved shirt with a jacket or sweater to keep you warm.

  • What kind of helicopters does Sundance fly?

    The Airbus EC130T2 boasts an extra-wide cabin with wrap around windows and stadium seating that delivers panoramic views for the pilot and 6 to 7 passenger seats. Every seat offers greater personal space, first-class individual seats, and expansive glass for exceptional visibility. This is the world's newest and most expensive model of touring helicopter, and the first specifically designed for air tours. It has a maximum gross weight of 5,512 lbs. and is just under 42 ft. in length. The uniquely designed high skid landing gear provides a softer landing and more than enough ground clearance for setting down in the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

    The Airbus AS350B2 carries up to 6 passengers plus your pilot. The wide cabin and abundance of windows provide panoramic views to ensure optimum visibility for both passengers and crew. The AS350 is the most utilized tour helicopter in the world. It has a maximum gross weight of 4,961 lbs. and is 42.5 ft. long. The high skid landing gear provides plenty of clearance for landing comfortably and safely in the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

  • How experienced are the Sundance Helicopter pilots?

    Sundance has the finest pilots in the industry, and we hire and train to the highest standard. The majority of our pilots have flight instruction background and several have military background. All of our pilots undergo regular recurrent training under an FAA approved program. The average pilot at Sundance has over 3,900 hours of flight experience.

  • How long is a helicopter ride from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon?

    A helicopter ride from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon is approximately 45 minutes. Sundance Helicopters departs from the McCarran International Airport.

  • Is photography and video allowed?

    Photography and video is allowed inside the aircraft. However, during our evening tours, we kindly ask for our guests to turn off the “flash” feature on their phones, as there is no flash photography allowed inside the helicopter.

  • Do you guarantee we will see every site listed on the Las Vegas City Lights tour?

    Although we try our best to showcase every aspect of the Las Vegas Strip, our flight route is dictated by the FAA and is the same for all operators flying over the Las Vegas Strip. We do fly at a reduced airspeed to ensure all passengers are given the time for optimum viewing.

  • I get motion sickness. Should I take medicine before the flight?

    Should you know ahead of time you tend to have a sensitivity to motion sickness, you may want to take something before your flight if you choose to.

  • Can I book Sundance helicopters for private charters?

    Absolutely! In addition to helicopter tours to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and more, we offer a wide range of charter services. These include:

    • Lift work: We can support up to 1,500 pounds. We provide helicopter, pilot, fuel, insurance, rigging, permits, ground crew, radio communications, and support fuel truck as required. We can pour concrete for foundations, set air conditioners on buildings or power poles and antenna towers where required, including congested areas or remote mountain and desert locations.
    • Transportation: If you have business meetings, need transportation, or just want to see some of the smaller cites and towns in Nevada, Utah, Arizona or California which does not have a major airport nearby, we have the right type of transportation to fit your needs. There are over 5,000 airports and landing strips in the United States. Just because there isn’t a large airport where you need to go, doesn’t mean there is not an option to get there by air and save precious time.
    • Cinematography: We are experienced in helping videographers capture dynamic and dramatic Aerial Film, HD, Video, IMAX and 3-D shots. We have provided support to aerial productions in Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and California. We are an authorized Tyler Camera Systems Dealer and keep Tyler Nose, Middle and Mini-Gyro mounts on site. We also have a SAG pilot on staff.
    • Government: Approved for military contracts and to transport military personnel under the Department of Defense Military Airlift Program. Extensive experience in bombing range support missions. Appropriate security clearances. Excellent references available upon request. In addition, we are approved to support the U.S. Department of Energy.
    • Natural Resources: We have broad experience in wildlife surveys, water project construction, geological surveys, rain and snow gauge surveys, aerial surveys, and mapping.
  • Can a minor or a teenager fly unaccompanied?

    The minimum age for a person to fly unaccompanied is 15 years old.

  • Does Sundance have any terms and conditions regarding tours?

    Yes, we do have terms and conditions in regards to our tours; please visit our Terms & Conditions page.

  • Are service animals permitted on helicopter flights?

    Yes, service animals are permitted as we make every effort to provide transportation for service animals on flights originating from our Las Vegas base. Unlike a commercial airline, Sundance guests are essentially riding in the cockpit with the pilot. For this reason, Sundance has placed limitations on how and when service animals can be carried. Service animals, if approved to fly, will be cold loaded only. No service animals will be permitted to be hot loaded onto any Sundance aircraft. The following is required for the consideration of service animal carriage:

    • We require 48 hours’ notice for carriage of service animals in all instances. The animals will have to be muzzled and will occupy aft seats, never front seats. The animal must also be in a harness which has provisions for strapping the animal in with seat belts/shoulder harnesses.
    • The other passengers on the aircraft must agree to being seated next to/in the vicinity of the service animal.
    • The pilot-in-command will exercise discretion as to the safety of carriage. If he/she deems the carriage to be unsafe, the animal will not be carried.
    • A sighted person must accompany a sight impaired person to assist in case of emergency.
  • Can I fly in the helicopter if I’m pregnant?

    Yes, you may fly in one of our helicopters if you are pregnant. However, please check with your primary physician if it is safe to do so in your case.

  • Can I use my cellphone during the flight?

    Yes, you may use your cellphone during the flight for videos and photos but we ask that all cellphones be set to airplane mode.

  • Should I tip our pilot? Do pilots accept tips?

    We do allow tipping for our pilots. It is up to your discretion whether you would like to tip your pilot.

  • What happens if my flight is cut short due to bad weather?

    Depending on how much of your flight was able to be completed, you would be refunded a partial/pro-rated amount. Such as, you booked a landing tour but were not able to land, you would be refunded the difference between our landing and air-only tour.

  • Do you have gift certificates available for purchase?

    Yes, we do have gift certificates available for purchase! They are perfect for any occasion. Visit our gift certificates page.

  • Do you offer special or group discounts for helicopter tours?

    We do offer a variety of helicopter tour discounts depending on the season.

    If you are a Las Vegas local, please visit our Vegas locals page.

    If you are active military, a teacher, in the medical, fire and rescue field, or the police force, we offer a 2 for $99 Las Vegas helicopter tour special or 15% off on select tours. Visit the Military & First Responders specials page.

    If you are visiting Las Vegas as a convention attendee, show your badge credentials at check-in to receive 15% off select tours. Visit our convention attendees’ specials page.

    If you have a group of 12 or more people, you could qualify for a 15% discount off of select tours. Please email our Groups department from the groups and events page.

    *Discounts cannot be combined

  • I use an oxygen tank as a medical necessity. Can I bring it on my flight?

    For safety reasons, we are not able to allow oxygen tanks on the aircraft, however we are able to authorize use of portable oxygen concentrators that are FAA approved as an alternative to oxygen tanks.

  • What types of payments, credit cards do you take?

    Cash as well as Visa/Mastercard, Discover, and American Express are all accepted.

  • How far in advanced should I book my helicopter flight?

    To insure your preferred flight times, the earlier you book, the higher the chance of securing your preferred flight time. However, at times, we have same day flight time options opened as long as you have flexibility on flight times.

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